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Algorithm Group Team Leader

February 12, 2018

Algorithm Group Team Leader

Faception ( is a Facial Personality Analytics technology company, using computer vision, ML and DL – based on biology and psychometric foundations - to predict personality traits and specific behaviors from face images.

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, Faception is fast growing, following large projects with first-tier clients and successful paid trials with world-class technology companies.

We are the future of the AI.

Job Description:

  • Classifiers development, improve methods and descriptors.

  • Implementation of the technology in various projects and products.


*        MS or PhD in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, or related field.

*        At least 5 years of experience with hands-on computer vision algorithm development, and successful product launches.

*        Successful, product-level deployment of state-of-the-art ML / DL in real-world classification problems, preferably in computer vision.

*        Solid background in applied statistics and probability theory.

*        Proficiency in Matlab / Python, OpenCV with C++

*        Highly motivated, independent, strong team player with excellent communication skills


*        Proven experience with facial image-processing (i.e. as face-detection, tracking, frontalization, classification, recognition etc.)

*        Proven experience with high dimensional / big-data machine learning tasks



*        Professional and excellence seeker, energetic, team player.

*       Openness, committed, positive attitude, sense of humor, leadership.


Reports to the CTO

Location – Tel Aviv

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