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How Faception Came About

A few years ago, I worked with a superb VP of sales, who had top notch interpersonal skills and a great track record at closing deals. One night after a few drinks at a local bar, I pushed him to disclose his secret sauce.

Well, he said, my father was a holocaust survivor who immigrated to NYC and worked as a door to door insurance agent. He converted prospects to client by observing their faces, interacting with them based on his observations, and earning their trust and business. He told me “you can go to the best College, but understanding people is the only skill that really matters”. As for me, he said, it’s a gift I have and that’s my secret sauce.

I was intrigued. I started investigating the field and found several scientific articles supporting the theory that a person’s personality is reflected in his face. Several experiments were conducted, but there didn’t seem to be a scalable technology in place.

Then I met with David Gabriel who has been doing this for years as a profiler, working for the American consulate. As "in Technology I trust", it was my nurture to join the best domain talent. Many years before I knew Dr. Itzik Wilf, who is a guru in computer vision and machine learning and together we founded Faception.


About Faception

Faception developed and markets Facial Personality Analytics solutions, to predict anonymous threats and allows our clients to conduct preventive actions


Faception is the first-to-technology and the first-to-market a predictive screening solution that analyses people's personality based only on their facial image.


Focused on Public Safety, HLS and smart security to detect threats from anonymous offenders.

Faception'  Facial Personality Analytics technology is based on a breakthrough computer-vision and machine learning technology analyzes facial images and automatically reveals personalities in real-time. Backed by Social and Life Science research and proven results, our solutions enables security companies, Tier-1 technology verticals and Gov. agencies to be more effective in detecting anonymous persons of interest, for $MM projects.

Founded in 2014, Faception is a private company, located in Tel Aviv Israel. Our team includes world-class experts in the areas of computer vision, face analysis, machine learning, psychology, technology and marketing.


Shai Gilboa


Serial entrepreneur with  20+ years' experience.
Spikko Telecom, co-founder, CEO.
XLoom Communications, co-founder, COO.
2 exits

Dr. Itzik Wilf


Computer Vision “Guru” with 30 years of algorithm development experience  in CTO
and Chief Engineering roles.
Founder / Co-Founder: MATE Intelligent Video, TruMedia Technologies, Stergen.

David Gavriel

Chief Profiler

30+ years' experience as non-verbal communication expert & image consultant.
Security officer for the diplomatic community
a global senior lecturer on facial & body features, body language & voice recognition..

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