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An online retailer typically has a wealth of information on his website visitors, allowing him to customize his website and personalize his messaging down to the individual level.

In the offline world [like retailers, events, etc.]  it is much more difficult to create a personalized experience for a shopper. The neighborhood shop keeper may know you well, but in the big city, most attendants will not be able to offer shopper the same personalized experience.

Some retailers offer the customers loyalty cards, allowing them to learn more about them. However, in most cases, the loyalty card is only shown at the register, where it may be too late to provide a personal experience.

Our solution

Faception offers a breakthrough computer-vision and AI technologies that analyzes a person’s facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling retailers to get valuable intelligence allowing them to personalize their communication with their customers.

For example, our technology can indicate whether a shopper may be an early adopter, a compulsive buyer, or an adventurous type.

Equipped with this type of information, the retail attendant can offer customers products they really care about and communicate in a manner that motivates them to buy.

The result: dramatically improve customer experience and increase his life time value

Our technology can be implemented on existing security cameras or on new cameras o the retail floor and the information can be made available to the sales representatives at their counter or on their mobile phones.

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