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We reveal personality from facial images at scale to revolutionize how companies, organizations and even robots understand people and dramatically improve public safety, communications, decision-making, and experiences.



Faception is first-to-technology and first-to-market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people and revealing their personality based only on their facial image.  [ learn about the science behind the technology]


Faception can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors and match an individual with various personality traits and types with a high level of accuracy.

We develop proprietary classifiers, each describing a certain personality type or trait such as an Extrovert, a person with High IQ, Professional Poker Player or a threats.

Ultimately, we can score facial images on a set of classifiers and provide our clients with a better understanding of their customers, the people in front of them or in front of their cameras


Utilizing advanced machine learning techniques we developed and continue to evolve an array of classifiers. These classifiers represent a certain persona, with a unique personality type, a collection of personality traits or behaviors. Our algorithms can score an individual according to their fit to these classifiers.



We live in a dangerous world, where terrorists and other criminals are easily mingle with the general population and easily travel between countries; the vast majority of them are unknown to the authorities. As a result, it is becoming ever more challenging to detect suspected individuals in public places such as airports, train stations, government and public buildings, and border controls.

Current solutions mostly rely on facial recognition, detecting suspicious activity/ behavior and manual profiling. They are not sufficient to handle the scale of the growing threats.

What if it was possible to know whether an anonymous individual is a potential terrorist, an aggressive person, or a potential criminal? Better yet, what if that information could be obtained and used in real-time, when it matters the most?

Faception offers a breakthrough computer-vision and machine learning technology that goes beyond Biometrics. Our solution analyzes a person’s facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling security companies/agencies to more efficiently detect, focus and apprehend potential terrorists or criminals before they have the opportunity to do harm.

Our solution is easy to deploy with minimum integration work and can installed on the client hardware, the system can integrate with an existing face recognition platform and support operational hierarchy and reporting modules.




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Artificial intelligence has been touted as humanity's salvation and its downfall. But what is the truth behind the hype? This is AI looks at how AI is changing the world now, the scientists shaping it, and the lives affected by this nascent technology

Discovery Channel:
6/21, 9pm ET
6/21, 11pm ET

6/30, 9am ET

Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv July 11, 2018

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Faception was lately selected to be the sole Israeli technology speaker in the biggest Public Safety and Security and Police Equipment show in China. It has been organized since 1994, and held every 2 years. The official name is the 14 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2018, called Security China 2018, organized by China Security Association, under the Ministry of Public Security China. Total exhibition area in 106800 square meters, more than 1000 exhibitors, and including totally 8 exhibit halls.

Faception, a facial personality analytics startup based in Israel, said its software does detailed analyses of the facial characteristics of individuals captured by video and still photography. The predicted personality traits are used to identify individuals who could present a threat to public safety. According ...​

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The Faception Advantage: Privacy and Fairness

  • Decision Support System - Provides actionable intelligence as predicted traits and behaviors of individuals

  • Operates anonymously – no need for identity, phone, social media data

  • Objective – not biased by race, class, gender, age

  • We store only classifiers (like a mathematical equation), no “big data” on people

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