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Demo Day was a blast, and marked an exciting month for Faception

The 500 Startups Demo Day was a blast. Our presentation received a lot of buzz both by the audience and online. And then the flurry of interview requests followed. A story followed another and the amount of links, shares, comments and inbound messages was amazing.

There are those who recognized the potential, the opportunities and the amazing technological advancement, while others were either skeptical or concerned.

We, at Faception, are of course excited by the interest, and at the same time we understand some of the concerns. Similar technologies, such as Facial Recognition continue to raise concerns even when used in social networking and search.

We are determined to take our technology to the next level and ensure it is applied to improve safety, communications and decision making.

For all of you, asking to upload an image to our solution and get a response, we appreciate your interest. However, please understand that we will not be able to do that, due to privacy and ethical concerns

For those of you who have not seen our CEO, Shai Gilboa present at Demo Day, please check out the video here

And check out our News section for a few featured articles

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