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People everywhere need insurance and need a line of credit.

Credit companies, Banks and Insurance companies need to evaluate the risk of providing these services to people and they have developed sophisticated systems and algorithms to do just that. To work, these solutions require a wealth of information, including credit history and scores, prior insurance claims, information from questionnaires or interviews and even information gathered online.

The challenges are:

  1. The Millennia's and Young people may not have prior credit history or insurance claims

  2. Many people do not have any digital identity or their information is not made public

  3. Information obtained may be biased or false

  4. The algorithm may not be reliable to not enough information is available to make it sound

  5. Personalization – propose personal attitude and perfect marketing.


Mission: Score Creditability of people with no Financial Records/History by real time analysis of their face images

Our solution

Faception offers a breakthrough AI technology that analyzes a person’s facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling financial services company to get valuable intelligence to support their credit and insurance premium decisions.

For example, our technology can indicate whether a person has a high potential of being a risk taker or not being a good loaner person.

These type of inputs can then be taken into account by the current algorithm, improving it's ability to make an accurate and safe decision.

Our secured solution can run on the cloud or on premise and can operate in a batch more or in real time. It requires no prior knowledge of the individuals, merely their facial images


  • Provide financial services companies with valuable intelligence to support their credit / loans and insurance premium decisions.

  • Provide objective intelligence

  • Turn “anonymous” into “known”

  • Reduce costs associated with research and interviews

  • Predict risk assessment on people with no credit history/online info

  • Can be part of People authentication process [use same image]


  • Only input we receive is a facial image, no need for ID

  • Our analysis is race and gender agnostic

  • Once analysis is completed, facial image is discarded

  • Personality profiles are sent to the client, not maintained, and not shared with 3rd parties

  • Information exchange is encrypted

  • Client will use our intelligence along with their current solutions and existing knowledge to support decisions

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